History And Mythology

Shri Naina Devi Ji, the chief ‘Shakti Peeth’ among the world famous ‘Peeths’ of India, is situated in Bilaspur District in the State of Himachal Pradesh, India. It is located eighty kilometers from the Bilaspur town, one hundred eight kilometers north of Chandigarh, thirty six kilometers south from Nangal and twenty kilometers from Bhakhra Dam.

The ‘Shakti Peeth’ is sited one thousand two hundred and nineteen meters above the sea level. The nearest airport to reach this place of pilgrimage is Chandigarh airport; and the nearest railway stations are Anandpur Sahib and Nangal in Panjab. This pious ‘Shakti Peeth’ keeps echoing with the divine chanting of the ‘Shakti, Shri Naina Devi Ji.

The serene site of the temple at hilltop is surrounded with the picturesque snow clad Himalayas on one side and the holy land of Panjab on the other. The devotees experience ecstasy, exhilaration and bliss after visiting and having the holy ‘Darshan’ (vision) of Maa Naina Devi Ji. As per Kaalika Purana:

Ekav Tu Mahamaya Karyarth Bhinta Gata

Aadi Shakti Mahamaya’ is the absolute truth, owing to numerous manifestations; the divine goddess manifests herself in different names and forms, and one such manifestation is popularly known as the world renowned ‘Shakti Peeth Shri Naina Devi ji. Devi Bhagwati Purana enunciates, “Sarv Khlivadmewahan Nayandasti Sanatanam.”

The divine utterance of ‘Devi’ underlines, “the world is powerful manifestation of the indestructible me and the entire universe is a reflection of me.” articulated in numerous forms of ‘Devi. All Shakti Peeths are the seats of this primordial energy and Shri Naina Devi Ji is the key one.

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